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delray beach sewer and drain cleaning
For people who are connected to the city sewer system, the biggest problems with plumbing occur when tree roots grow into a pipe. In the past, a plumber would snake out the line, eliminating the problem, but not the cause. Now, by using a sewer pipe camera, a homeowner can see what’s really going on and if a pipe is cracked and should be replaced.A sewer pipe camera looks like a snake and functions very similarly. On the tip there is a small infrared camera that transmits a video feed of the interior of the pipe. A plumber can then look at the sewer camera feed and determine what the problem is and the best method of fixing it. Best of all, the camera should indicate exactly where the problem occurs, allowing the plumber to only repair that small part of the pipe.

Briggs’ courteous, professional sewer and drain experts can clean and repair any sewer or drain, no matter how tough the clog.   We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you never have to wait for your repair.

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