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When you called for service, how would you rate the person you reached from our dispatch?
Was the scheduled time convenient?
Did the technician arrive within the time slot allotted?
(if no did you receive a call informing you that the technician was going to be late)
How would you rate the technicians over all appearance?
Were you given a clear resolution to your plumbing problem and did the technician give you a written price before performing the work?
Did our technician leave your home/ office clean & neat?
How did you hear about our company?
How likely would you be to refer us to your friends & neighbors?
Did the technician place "convenience" stickers on any of your plumbing fixtures so that in an emergency you will have quick access to our phone number?
Is there any concerns you feel we need to address so that we can continue to serve our customers better than the rest?
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E-Mail* Tehnicians Name (if known)
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